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Snow And Ice Removal

Thanks to our experienced employees, at Toitures Trois Étoiles, we remove snow and ice from each roof meticulously, taking care not to damage it. In addition, we make sure at all times to protect the physical integrity of passers-by by establishing a perimeter on the ground.

New constructions

Whether it is for a new commercial or industrial project, small, medium or large, the team of experts and master roofers as well as the imposing and state-of-the-art fleet will know how to carry them out. In recent years, Les Toitures Trois étoiles has carried out major projects, both in terms of area and technical challenges.

Roof Repairs

Whether it’s a historic building or a large building requiring minor or large-scale repairs, Toitures Trois Étoiles has the expertise and qualifications to permanently, waterproof and target repair the imperfections that your roof has developed either through normal wear and tear or not.

Major Projects

In the heart of downtown Montreal, the repair of the roof of the Gare Viger was a project lasting almost a year which included its share of major technical challenges. To do so, it was necessary to resort to the greatest roofing experts such as the experienced roofers and tinsmiths of Toitures Trois Étoiles.

For more than 50 years, Toitures Trois Étoiles has been a family business synonymous with excellence. The reliability of your roof is a major issue for your building. Whether for new constructions or for the overhaul, repair or restoration of an existing roof, our competent team of seasoned specialists will accomplish your projects brilliantly.

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