Project description 

The parish of the Immaculate Conception parish was founded in 1887. It was not until 1895 that the construction of the present church was undertaken. The desired location is on the corner of Rachel and Papineau streets, where there is a school that has to be moved about a hundred feet away. The work is carried out under the supervision of Brother Joseph Tremblay according to the plans of the architect Émile Tanguay. Since then, the Immaculate Conception parish has become part of our heritage. That’s why during the 2011 restoration, Trois Toitures Toitures was chosen. The preservation of original details and the amount of work on the roof of over 7,868 square feet of stainless steel was to be entrusted to a team of qualified experts.

Other information

1855, Rachel East street,
Montreal, Quebec

Years of the project